Meet the Horses


Lucy is a 2009 14.2hh quarter horse/mustang. She excels

in the jumper ring, and out on the cross country course.

Lucy has been shown in the hunters as well. She is as

brave as they come, this horse is a true confidence booster.

She currently does lessons, all the way from walk trot to

jumping courses of 1 meter. She is happy do any job that

you ask of her! 


Moose (AKA Isabella) is a 2009 16.1hh Dutch

mare. Moose's favorite lessons are walk trot

lessons, and she loves cruising down the trail!

She jumps small courses with lead changes

and jumps a 10 every time. Moose is a very easy

and fun horse to learn how to ride on!


Bambi is a 2018 grade quarter horse mare. She is going under

saddle, but green. Bambi has excellent ground manners,

excellent manners in the round pen, and has started jumping

with our advanced students! Bambi will soon be ready to go to

shows! This young horse is super fun to work with and as easy

going as they come. She enjoys doing lead line lessons, trail

rides, and lots of attention!


Benji is a 2009 Welsh pony. He excels in

the hunter ring. Super smooth gaits,

making him super easy to learn to trot

and canter on. Benji is a barn favorite

and does not lack ANY personality! This

pony is so much fun, a pony that every

parents dreams of having for their child. 


Dolly is a 2012 OTTB. Dolly is super easy and beginner proof at

the walk trot and canter. Soft in the mouth, moves off your leg,

and a bit on the lazier side. Dolly gets nervous very easily. She

does not want a job jumping, she gets very anxious and is not

suited for jumping or pole work. Dolly is good on trail with

others, but does not like going out alone. Calm and easy

enough in the arena for a beginner to enjoy! 


Meet Scarlet. She is a 6 year old pinto mare that is 15hh. This

mare does not act her age. She is well broke, mellow, and can

take a joke. Kick ride, Soft mouth, easy keeper, barefoot, loads,

ties, and trail rides. Gets along well with others. Sadly, owners

lost interest in riding so we must find this sweet girl a new

home. She is a barn favorite and will always meet you at the

gate! Most important is that this sweet mare

finds someone who will adore her.


George is a 2016 Welsh pony. He lacks no of personality. He has

extensive training on the ground, and is going under saddle. He

can jump around courses of small jumps. He is a very forward

ride, so he is not suitable for a beginner. He is green, but he is a

pleasure to work with. Very in your pocket personality. He will

be a fun one for someone to bring along. Can go in any

direction. Ties, loads, stands for the farrier. 




Honey is a paint quarter pony that is a blast to ride. She has experience in the hunter

ring with kids at some county shows. She is a pleasure to flat around, and can jump

courses up to about 2’6. Easy keeper, loads, ties, stands for the farrier. She’s started

on her lead changes, but they aren’t auto. Looking for her next kid!

Located in Malibu, CA.


Oscar and Myer are 12 year old haflingers. They are safe safe

safe and very smooth. A dream on trail, they both will go head

to tail to the other horses or be the lead. Good husband type

horse. Very much of a kick ride. Looking for a home where they

can mostly be used for trails or light riding. Would be suitable

for a therapeutic riding school as well! 


Meet Teddy! He is a 10 year old 15hh grade gelding available for

your consideration. Teddy is a project and will take someone

who knows what they are doing to bring along. Could be

brought along by a tough kid in a program WITH A TRAINER. He

had experience going trail riding and some experience in the

arena. Has a good mind, but need to have leadership, otherwise

he will take advantage. This horse will not work out for a kid to

bring along if they are not consistently working with a trainer.

He has a good mind, but cannot be left to his own devices. 




Gabby is about 14hh and a 12 years old mule. She has the most in your

pocket personality there is. She has experience in the area,

has jumped some cross rails, and experienced out on trail. Her

last two owners were 60+ years old. Very safe, and easy keeper.

More woah then go. Looking for her new partner. Located in

Malibu Ca.




Willow is a very sweet 2016 grade mare. She

is brave and willing, but she definitely has

her own motor. She is simple enough for an

amateur to bring along in a program. She is

currently jumping small courses. This mare

wants a rider that she can build trust with

and bond with. She wants a person who will

love on her and take the time to finish her.

She had a baby in 2021. She loads, ties,

0stands for the fairer, and is barefoot. Can

be ridden English or western. 


Flap Jack is a 2012 project horse. He is

looking for a new person! Flap Jack is

about 14.3hh and good on the ground,

walk, trot, canter, and started over

fences. This guy is super easy going and

eager to learn. He has his own motor.

Barefoot and easy keeper. He can sit for

weeks and come out the same horse.

Good on trail. Has the jump in him, but

second guesses himself and needs to

build confidence.


Pickle is a project pony that is from a wild

herd called the Oak Creek Horses. She is

green under saddle. She would make a

super simple project for someone. Will

turn out to be a nice little lesson horse!

She is sweet, willing, and always looking

to please. Easy to work with.